Exciting Plans for the Log Cabin

For some time the Log Cabin has been looking tired and in need of updating for the benefit not only of the scouts but also the wider community. But whatever we did the group was keen to ensure that any changes make a difference for the long term and consulted with current scouts, users and the community about what they wanted from the Log Cabin.

Drawing on expert advice from e.Francis architects, plans have been produced for a side extension with improved access and revamped entrance which will unlock the potential of the Log Cabin, modernising the facilities while preserving its character.


The consultation also came up with a number of recreational ideas such as a climbing wall, a wilderness area, and an archery lane, none of which are currently available in the community. Subject to funding, this project will open the way for us to improve the rest of the site and implement some of these ideas.  To get more idea of the proposals take a look at this planning permission document. planning permission document.

Making the Log Cabin Fit for Fulflood
The development project is expected to cost £90k and we have been fortunate to win a grant from the Veolia Environmental Trust for £65k. The group has some reserves ready but we are currently fundraising to make up the shortfall.

Please have a look at the fundraising leaflet and if you can donate some money we haven't got an online form ready yet but please contact Giles Gooding whose details are on the form here ..



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